“Content + Context = Contact” the 3 Cs of web publishing.

I wanted to repost my thoughts on this topic that was originally posted to my old blog in April of 2009. I still feel this is very relevant today and comes up quite often in conversations and will spark debate. Here is the an edit of the original post:

I have had many discussions on this theory that I have which talks about Content being King, Context being King, and Contact being King or is at least contact is the one goal of content in context. Content is no more important than the Context in which the Content is delivered in. Users value Context just as much as the actual Content. So, for users to derive the ultimate value, they need great Content in a great or self assigned Context, then that will facilitate Contact. Contact can be a discussion with another person, phone, email, shares/links to and from, recommends, comments, an account registration, RSS or newsletter subscription, a lead added to sales pipeline, an actual sale, or just an internal connection with the Content. Contact and/or a connection was made. They are all important and deserve the same level of attention. If you have great Content in a bad Context no one will want to consume the content. Likewise, if you have great Context and bad Content no one will want to consume the content. In turn there will be no Contact.

The content life-cycle

The content life-cycle needs more than just great content to be successful. To me the content life-cycle from a consumers view goes like this, something like eating: Desire, Consumption, Digestion, Retention, Regurgitation. Desire: I want to read this/look at this, Consumption: Content is read/looked at, Digestion: Content is understood, Retention: Content is retained as knowledge, Regurgitation: Content is shared with others and/or conversation started to make content better, and the cycle continues. All of these stages are impacted by the Context, Content, and Contact.

I will post more to this as the ideas continue and theories evolve.

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